Outside The Box

Abstract work did not come naturally to me. I had a very hard time allowing myself to let go of the idea of perfection. Many times, as Artists, we want to 

control every aspect of our work.

I found that by finally releasing control, you allow for the collaboration of the Artist & the work itself, allowing the piece to have a life of it's own. Developing my language of abstraction has changed the course of my work.


A Life of Their Own

The 'Korean Dragonfish' is a fictional species that begun with a work study of Koi. Inspired by their freedom of movement & large colorful fins, I moved on to Betas. As I began to sketch them without reference, they began to take on their own unique shape & identity, very different than the Japanese fighting fish. Dragonfish are playful & docile, peaceful. They have been one of my most celebrated collections. 



Try New Things

The first thing that I ever painted was a pair of shoes. Custom shoes led to canvas, which led to acrylics, spray paint and oils, as well as charcoal & soft pastel- then mixing any of the aforementioned. The idea of mixing mediums eventually led me to collaging, layering visual elements and utilizing several different mediums or methods within 1 piece of work. 'Composition' takes on

a new definition.



Murals & Such

When I first began painting,

I was using tiny brushes to painstakingly create tiny details on sneakers or other items to be customized. Over time the desire to create larger scale work became something that I could not ignore. I have always considered murals to be the ultimate; designing a focal point that becomes the events that ties everything together

in a  space, or adds to the landscape of a community. 




it takes all of us, we are all pieces of the puzzle; we will all make a unique mark and our decisions will somehow impact the world.


2019 © B Cartier