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Based a few miles North of Boston, Brian is a self-trained Visual Artist 

who covers a rather wide range of expression. Within his body of work you'll find many different styles and methods, different mediums and forms of creative communication. Brian has been featured in several magazines, both local & national and has curated or showcased in numerous exhibits, managed & produced events, and worked with youth groups as a project leader, speaker or creative consultant. Many of Brian's works are owned by collectors in 15 states and 4 countries. Brian is also VP of HoopHop, Inc, a 501(c)(3) that raises funds to generate creative opportunities for under-privileged youth through a music based basketball tournament & community resource fair.


Brian is no longer accepting sneaker commissions,

and will be limiting the amount of general commissions accepted. 

Exceptions will absolutely be made for the right project.  


It's becoming more and more challenging to describe the work that I do. I find joy in new attempts; I'm no master of anything in particular.

I prefer to experiment with as many new methods and mediums as possible, and allow these learned skills manifest themselves into new collections of work. Having never received any formal training, I have generally always enjoyed the process of jumping in head first, getting my hands dirty and learning through trial & error, or from other creatives through the sharing of ideas, experiences and inspirations. 



Outside The Box

Abstract work did not come naturally to me. I had a very hard time allowing myself to let go of the idea of perfection. Many times, as Artists, we want to 

control every aspect of our work.

I found that by finally releasing control, you allow for the collaboration of the Artist & the work itself, allowing the piece to have a life of it's own. Developing my language of abstraction has changed the course of my work.


A Life of Their Own

The 'Korean Dragonfish' is a fictional species that begun with a work study of Koi. Inspired by their freedom of movement & large colorful fins, I moved on to Betas. As I began to sketch them without reference, they began to take on their own unique shape & identity, very different than the Japanese fighting fish. Dragonfish are playful & docile, peaceful. They have been one of my most celebrated collections. 



Try New Things

The first thing that I ever painted was a pair of shoes. Custom shoes led to canvas, which led to acrylics, spray paint and oils, as well as charcoal & soft pastel- then mixing any of the aforementioned. The idea of mixing mediums eventually led me to collaging, layering visual elements and utilizing several different mediums or methods within 1 piece of work. 'Composition' takes on

a new definition.



Murals & Such

When I first began painting,

I was using tiny brushes to painstakingly create tiny details on sneakers or other items to be customized. Over time the desire to create larger scale work became something that I could not ignore. I have always considered murals to be the ultimate; designing a focal point that becomes the events that ties everything together

in a  space, or adds to the landscape of a community. 


Fall of 2018 marked the completion of my largest project (in both size & concept) to date. Nine custom made puzzle pieces, roughly

5'x7' each, fit together to depict the image of the World Map which is entirely filled with handprints of community members. Installed in a very prominent location in Henry Law Park, Dover, NH, the permanent installation was created to communicate the growing diversity of this community. Much of the public art in Dover documents the rich history of this New England mill town, it was our goal with this piece to represent the bright future of this community. A prayer from the Mi'kmaq tribe, native to this area, reminders us to be thankful and lends a nod to the past. This project was conceived and created in a partnership with the Dover (NH) Teen Center, with support from the Dover Arts Commission, funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as donations from local banks and developers.



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it takes all of us, we are all pieces of the puzzle; we will all make a unique mark and our decisions will somehow impact the world.





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